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Choose from a wide range of flooring at home and save money on store prices. No high pressure sales guaranteed.

Simply give us a call and we will pop over and show you 1000’s samples which match your needs, right there in the comfort of your own home.

YES! It really can be that easy to choose your new flooring!

Since we don’t have an expensive store to pay high rent and rates on or costly heating or maintenance bills to pay for, we will beat any store price on a like-for-like basis or we will give you £25!

Since 2004 we have been helping our customers avoid expensive mistakes by showing you 1000’s samples at home so you can see what the carpet or flooring will really look like in the location it will be laid, meaning no guesswork and no expensive mistakes!

We sort out everything from start to finish, including fitting, underlays, stock  … everything you can get from a carpet shop … just without the hassle.

No guesswork. No legwork. No hassle. No expensive mistakes.

Choose Your New Flooring In 3 Easy Steps ...

Step One – Call us on 01202 377 577 to arrange your free quotation

Step Two – I turn up promptly to measure up and discuss your flooring needs, match your requirements, discuss your options (like underlays etc) and everything you need to get the job done perfectly.

Step Three – We do all the work behind the scenes, organise fitters and stock and sort everything to ensure your job goes perfectly.

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Our Professional Services ...

More Information ...

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Don't Just Believe What We Say ...

Brilliant service from the 1st visit in comfort of my home, to the speedy delivery and fitting of my carpet. great price, awesome service, thank you Paul.

Nat, Wareham

Excellent service from start to finish will definitely be getting Paul to do the rest of my house! Many thanks!

Areas Covered ...

Our Mobile Carpet Store / Shop covers a wide area of central and east Dorset and a little way into Hants too. Our carpet shop / store can come out to you  in Poole, Bournemouth, Wool, Blandford, Ringwood, Christchurch and all areas in between! Obviously if you are slightly outside these areas please do call because we can most likely pop out to see you too!

Choose Your New Carpets & Flooring In 3 Easy Steps ...

This video will show you in just 30 seconds how you can choose your new flooring in 3 very easy steps.

It really can be this simple to choose your new carpets and flooring from our mobile carpet shop / store in Poole and Bournemouth

"I can't believe they [a certain well known store] wanted over £750 to re-carpet my hall when Great Choice did it all to a very high standard for £380 and I didn't even have to go anywhere to see the samples."

Hi, I'm Paul Carpet Man ...

Well, my real name is Paul Baker but everyone calls me Paul Carpet Man! Since 2004 our family run business has helped 1000’s of people throughout Poole and Bournemouth areas save a fortune on their carpets and flooring, and I would love to help you save too.

My team of highly qualified fitters and I constantly strive to ensure you receive the right advice and the very best possible service.

I LOVE MY JOB … My team of expert fitters and I guarantee to serve you fairly and skillfully. 

Another Testimonial Or Two ...

Great to have carpet samples brought to my home and advice on choice. Thrilled with the new carpet which was fitted at a date and time to fit in with my schedule. Follow-up call to see if there were any problems. Excellent service. Thank you for all your help.

S Patterson – Poole

A truly excellent service, Paul made the whole task of choosing, buying and fitting of the carpets a real pleasure. We recommend this service wholeheartedly. Thank you!

Camilla – Poole

Here's How We Can Help ...

Whatever you need we can help … 

  • Screeding
  • Boarding
  • FREE delivery
  • FREE quotations
  • FREE downloadable PDF advice sheet
  • Uplift of old flooring
  • Disposal of old flooring
  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE quotations
  • FREE help and advice
  • All fitting guaranteed
  • Choice of underlays
  • Everything you need for the perfect job!

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