Carpet Cleaners In Poole And Bournemouth

Carpets Looking A Little Grubby …?

If you need an outstanding quality carpet cleaners in Poole & Bournemouth areas, you can do no better than Great Choice!

We produce outstanding results from our incredibly powerful machines as you can see from our gallery below.

What can you expect from carpet cleaners Bournemouth?

We pride ourselves of offering incredible value for money for outstanding cleaning results. Our carpet cleaning will eradicate:

  1. Stains
  2. Dust mites
  3. Odours
  4. Dirt
  5. Debris
  6. Tar
  7. Pollutants
  8. … and tons more chemicals that can be found in your carpet.

That said, don’t go ditching your carpets just yet, thinking they are unhealthy! The beauty of carpets is that the pollutants in carpets are locked away, well away from the breathing zone, until the carpet is cleaned.

This doesn’t happen with hard floors.

Will hard floors, the pollutants are free to roam around and easily become airborne when you walk over them, which creates a current of air that forces these pollutants into your breathing zone!

It’s clear that all you have to do to live in a healthier home is to have your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaners Bournemouth and, as the pictures show, you can’t get a lot more professional than Great Choice!

Fabric Protector (For Wool Carpets)

We are also delighted to offer for our customers who own wool carpets our incredible fabric protector. Watch the video below to see how your highly stain-able wool carpets can keep their looks for many years to come!

By the way, if anyone tries to sell you fabric protector for your man-made, bleach clean-able carpet, get shot of them because they are trying to fleece you. Why have fabric protector to protect your carpets which are almost impossible to stain anyway?

We won’t do that … because we’re honest like that.

p.s we don’t actually use the product in the video … we use a similar product which does exactly the same job.

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