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Carpets looking a little grubby? Need carpet cleaners Bournemouth? Give Great Choice (Carpet Cleaners Bournemouth) a try! We produce outstanding results from our incredibly powerful machines as you can see from our gallery below.

What Results Can I Expect ...?

Our carpet cleaning will eradicate stains (wherever posible), dust mites, odours, dirt, debris, tar, pollutants … and tons more chemicals that can be found in your carpet.

Are Carpets Unhealthy Then ...?

That said, don’t go ditching your carpets just yet, thinking they are unhealthy! The beauty of carpets is that the pollutants in your carpets are locked away, well away from the breathing zone, until the carpet is cleaned. This doesn’t happen with hard floors.

With hard floors, the pollutants are free to roam around and easily become airborne when you walk over them, which creates a current of air that forces these pollutants into your breathing zone and deep into your lungs!

How Much Do You Charge ...?

We price based on the size of the area to be cleaned and how much work is required to retore the carpet to a beautiful finish (since a dirty carpet obviously takes longer to clean than a clean(ish) one.)

No we are not budget cleaners but let’s just say “I would have happily paid more” is something I hear quite often.

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