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GC vs Store Prices









Great Choice carpets & flooring (mobile carpet shop / store) in Poole and Bournemouth has compared the price from a competitor, to what we would have charged for exactly the same product.

For one 5×5 room, the saving would have been at least £183.75

And, with our mobile carpet store, we would have come to you too, saving you hours of searching and guessing, just to pay way over the odds.

We have been in business since 2004, and growing year on year due to our outstanding and honest customer service and pricing. While we don’t do many of the really really cheap stuff, the carpets about £4-£6 sq mtr (the quality is always poor because you always get what you pay for and I don’t want to fit rubbish) we do masses of medium and good quality, from £10 – £22 sq mtr

Visit www.greatchoicecarpets.co.uk for more details.


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