Data Protection (GDPR Compliance)

Your Data

A list of all types of personal information we hold, the source of the information, who we will share it with, what we will do with it and how long we will keep it.

We keep your name and address details, room sizes, the name of the carpet you order, the price you paid for your flooring or carpet cleaning, and any accessories you may have needed for the perfect job. This means the process of re-ordering is easy and can be done without any further need to return to the property if there is an incident with your flooring.

The source of the information is from you, the customer.

We will NEVER share you details with anyone else outside of Great Choice Flooring Ltd, and even within Great Choice Flooring Ltd only on a strict need to know basis. This means your information is usually only ever shared with the fitters who will be doing the job to ensure they turn up on time and know where they are going.

We will do nothing with your information when it is not being used for an “active” job.

We will keep your information on record for many years to enable us to uphold warranties etc.

You are free to ask for us, in writing via email or mail, to remove your data at any time. Your name and address will be removed and your accounting details and order details will be placed under the “Misc” name file in our records and all other personal data (name address) will be removed. The paper record of the transaction will also be destroyed by shredding.


A list of places where we keep your personal information and the way data flows between them.

Your information is kept only on our password protected accounting software and on the paper record used at the quotation stage. Explanation of why we need to process the data subjects information.

We keep this information as we need to process your details so we can get your flooring gets fitted.

Accountability And Management

The Data Protection Officer

The DPO is Paul Baker.


Ensure our technical security is up to date

We regularly update our security software and keep our system software updated.


Train staff to be aware of data protection

Every 6 months we remind our staff to be aware of Data Protection issues and all new staff are instructed on the importance of data security.



We will report data breaches involving personal data to the local authorities and to the data subjects involved


New Rights

Our customers can request access to their personal information via email, text or in writing via mail.

Yes. At any time. We will provide this via post only to the address we have on our system ONLY.

Our customers can easily update their own personal information to keep it accurate

Yes. In writing to us at any time via email or mail.

We automatically delete data we have no use for

YES though we will keep your details and purchase details to enable us to know what we have supplied in case you want to re-order.

Our customers can easily request deletion of their personal data

Yes. In writing at any time via email or mail. As discussed previously your details will be moved to the MISC file to keep the accounting records correct and all other details deleted.

Our customers can easily request we stop processing their data

Yes. In writing at any time via email or mail.

Our customers can easily object to profiling or automated decision making that could impact them

Not Applicable.


Ask consent when we start processing personal information


It should be as easy for our customers to withdraw consent as was to give it in the first place

This can be done via email, telephone call or mail at any time.


When we update our privacy policy, we will inform existing customers

Changes to our privacy policy will be updated here

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