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Here is hopefully everything you need to know about carpets and flooring. If you can think of something we have missed that you want information about, please do let us know!

Find out a little about the companys’ history, how we started out, where we are going and a little more about Paul Carpet Man.

Find out the areas we cover with our mobile carpets and flooring store. Remember we come to you so you can choose at home!

Book your free home visit with Great Choice (Flooring) No obligation. No high pressure sales. Just great service and great savings.

From fliers advertising a lounge clean for £19 to soaking and ruining your carpets, stay one step ahead of the carpet cleaning scammers.

Your carpets are one of the largest investments you will make in your home and looking after them could add an extra 30% extra life!

Learn how to correctly remove stains fro your carpets safely and easily, no matter what the stain. 

Find out what the core values of our services are; these are the standards and beliefs that run through everything we do. 

Here we answer the most often asked questions. Questions about uplift and disposal and many more are answered here.

As always with Great Choice you spoke we listened and we have developed the perfect finance package for our amazing customers.

To keep our costs down we do very little expensive advertising but instead rely on out thrilled customers to tell others about us.

If you are as thrilled as we want you to be with the work we have done for you, help others may a Great Choice, just like you did!

Here are a few of our many testimonials we receive from our wonderful customers. Check out what people are saying about us!

Looking after your vinyl is important; your flooring will stay better looking for longer and healthier too!

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