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LVT - The Ultimate Hard Floor Option

Stunning, tough and extremely durable

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles are ultra tough, low maintenance and will stay looking great for many years to come. They are vitually maintenance free as they require no sanding, staining or other frequent flooring treatments. In fact, there are so many advantages to LVT over other “hard floors” like laminate and solid woods that we have stopped doing those flooring types altogether! 

Featuring all the intricate details and unique characteristics you’d expect to see in traditional wood and stone flooring, our LVT flooring range is carefully designed for authenticity; every vinyl plank has colours which are defined with variable shades and tones, just as they are in natural products.

There’s no doubt about it … this flooring is quite expensive. Coming in at about £55-£60 sq mtr (all in) it’s not the cost of the product that costs the money it’s the cost to get the sub floor PERFECT!


We Can Offer You … 

Floor Levelling

As part of supplying a new floor we can screed or board your existing floor so it’s level.

Domestic Vinyl Only

We specialize in domestic vinyls only – we don’t perform commercial vinyl work

Quality Fitting

All our fitting is 100% guaranteed for quality.

Uplift & Disposal

We can uplift and dispose of your old flooring for a small extra cost.

On The Day of Fitting ...

On the day of your fitting please take note.

Fair Prices on Accessories

No vastly inflated prices for underlays and other accessories. In fact, our best 10mm underlay is just £4.99 sq mtr. Can your carpet store do that?

You Need LVT Flooring …? We Can Help!


What's Included

  • Hand selected ranges based on the value they provide
  • No stress
  • No vastly inflated prices

How it Works ...

  • Just call or email us
  • We visit you
  • We sort out the details

What's to Expect

  • Great comminucations
  • Honest advice
  • Maintenance help

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