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I was asked to give a second opinion on the results of the fitting of another retailer yesterday, and I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it!

Bad carpet fitting

What on earth was that join doing there, going all the way across the lounge? It was put right in front of a busy kitchen doorway, and the other end is right in the middle of the entrance to the lounge door (putting a join in a doorway is a massive no no.)

And, I don’t know if you noticed, but the carpet isn’t even the same colour either, or the pile direction is totally wrong.

Either way, it is terrible! But here is the real problem … the company concerned refuses to come back to sort it out.

Now, I am not going to stand here and say every single job we do goes perfectly … there are sometimes variables beyond our control. As hard as we try, we are not perfect, of course we are not.

But be in no doubt that is something goes this spectacularly wrong, we will always always always do the right thing by our amazing customers and sort it out, regardless of cost. 

Since 2004 we have had, on average, just a couple of re-stretches or minor niggles a year to sort, but they are always sorted quickly with minimal fuss and bother to the customer.

At Great Choice Carpets and Flooring (Poole and Bournemouth) we always want to know when things do go quite as well as we had hoped, as it is a chance to keep our image as polished as it is.

Whether it is a bit of vinyl that has bubbled or a small ripple appeared in the carpet just after fitting, we will do the right thing by you … and that is guaranteed.


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