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Carpet Stain Removal

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  • Always blot spillages, never scrub
  • For liquid spillages, blot excess using plain white towels and skip to step
    4 below 
  • If it’s solid / partially solid spillage, scrape up solids and blot liquids 
  • Pre-test Great Choice Spotting Solution on an inconspicuous area, or use really hot water and a tiny dash of washing up liquid 
  • Spray / moisten spot with removal solution. Ensure you don’t spread the stain 
  • Cover with white cloth, and stand on the cloth, and repeat as required 
  • If not removed after several attempts, repeat steps 5 and 6 and weigh down with a HEAVY object overnight. Repeat if required 
  • Call Great Choice on 01202 377 577 if stain is not completely removed in 2/3 days

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