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Carpet Cleaning Scams

Avoid The Carpet Cleaning Scams

At Great Choice Flooring we don’t know how some carpet cleaners sleep at night. Whilst the majority of carpet cleaners are great at what they do, there is a certain faction who seem determined to con people out of their hard earned money. 

Here is how they do it so you can ensure you don’t fall for it.

Bait and Switch

You get a leaflet through your door offering carpet & upholstery cleaning at incredibly low prices, for example hall stairs & landing £15, lounge £10 or 3 piece suite clean £25. This low price is the Bait!

However, when they arrive the carpets are worse than they thought (extra cost) they are slightly stained (extra cost) they have to move some of the furniture (extra cost) the “large lounge” is larger than they thought (extra cost.) Before you know it, your “£19 carpet clean” ends up costing you £200 – £300  due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

The level of cleaning is appalling, the carpets are soaked, and you will never see them again because they simply don’t care. There are many examples on YouTube of this sort of con.

Sticky Fingers

“I will clean your lounge for £25” they say and, surprisingly they will actually do it for that price.

But here’s how they make their money … they  deliberately leave the carpets sticky by adding “optical brighteners” that leave the carpets looking amazing on the day but will rapidly re-soil due to the sticky residue left behind by the horrible chemical.

So you have your carpets cleaned more often, and the carpets re-soil quicker, and then the price creeps up and creeps up to where it should have been originally, by which time your carpets are ruined because of the chemicals he has left in your carpets AND you will soon be paying FULL PRICE MORE OFTEN than necessary.

Splash and Dash

Again these poeple advertise their “services” for a very low amount but they DO actually charge you the low amount for their work.

Sound great?  

Unfortunately, because the price is so low, they have to get 2 or even 3 jobs done every single hour to make up their money which means all they do is turn up, throw water everywhere and leave quickly, leaving you with a soaking carpet that will take many days or even weeks to dry.

Your carpets will almost certainly be damaged, often beyond repair, will probably shrink due to over wetting, and they will definitely re-soil very quickly as they have left lots of sticky chemicals in the water that has been left in your carpet.

Again, you will not get them back because there is no money in it for them to return.


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