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Our Core Values

We’re in an industry where false and misleading advertising is rife and low standards are prevailant throughout the industry.

Low standards of service. Low standards of fitting. Low standards of communications. Low standards of after-care for your new flooring.

So we have set about changing all that.

We WON’T offer you vastly inflated prices, or do “deals” where one part of the quote is vastly inflated to make another part look cheaper. We will certainly not advertise FREE FITTING or such nonsense (because no one works for free.) Instead we will price in a totally fair, honest manner so you can see exactly what you are paying for.

We will do what we say we’ll do, WHEN we say we’ll do it for the PRICE we havesaid we’ll do it for.

We find life is a lot easier that way.


Hand Selected Ranges

Our entire flooring range is hand selected by a flooring expert based on quality vs value and will be the very best in any given price range. 


We guarantee we will never mislead you or be anything other than 100% honest. Our aim is to grow based on quality referrals, and we know this will not happen if we are not totally committed to your satisfaction.


We will always aim to be punctual on the day of the quotation / job. Should any sort of problem arise we have excellent systems in place to cope with the unexpected, and we will keep you informed at every stage.


We’ll offer no excuses, just call us and we will aim to view any complaints within 48 hours and sort it out for you asap. 


Both myself and my fitters are genuine guys whose sole aim is to serve you to the best of our ability.

Stress Free

It makes so much sense to choose your new flooring at home so you can match with décor.

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