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Covid 19 Precautions

Avoid The Crowds, Get Personal Service & Stay Safe

We know Covid hasn’t just gone away and you may be nervous about having someone into your home. We totally understand!

* Face Masks – If you require a mask to be worn during the quotation that is absolutely fine … just ask! We can’t ask the fitters to wear masks during the fitting because fitting carpets is such hard work it makes it so difficult to wear one and work effectively. However, we can wipe down all the surfaces we have touched during the work and ask if you could please keep out of the area to be fitted until you are shown the finished product by the fitters.

* Washing Hands – We will wipe or rinse our hands before and after we see you with high alcohol anti-bac handwash.

* Symptoms – We will be very strict with ourselves. If we display any symptoms of CV we will NOT come out to see you but give you a call and advise you of the situation.


We Will Do All We Can To Keep You Safe – To Keep Us Safe Can We Please Ask You Not To Ask Us To Quote If You Are Displaying Any Of The CV Symptoms! Please call us on 01202 377 577 and let us know! Thank You!

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