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Our Price Promise

Take our unique £25 Price Challenge and compare our prices with the stores!


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We offer great value for money … people tell us all the time how great our prices are.

Our prices are great because our overheads are so low, but don’t think just because we are so streamlined there is anything you can get from a store which you can’t get from us.

So we invite you to take our £25 price challenge.

If we are beaten on price on a like-for-like basis by any shop or store we will not only match the price offered by the store but we will also give you £25 for your troubles.

In the very unlikely event we can’t match the stores prices at all (it’s never happened yet!)  we will walk away from the deal licking our wounds but we will still give you the £25!

No 70% off nonsense. No “free fitting”  (which doesn’t exist.) No scams. JUST HONEST PRICING WITHOUT THE HYPE.

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